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Conflicting Kingdoms

The Board Trading Card Game


Have You Played It Yet?


Conflicting Kingdoms is and extremely diverse and exciting board game that uses both metal playing pieces and collectable trading cards. You use the trading cards to build your deck and the chosen location cards in your deck are used to build the game board as you play. Ability cards and conflict cards are used to crush your enemies.


2 - 8 players

Age 13+

The Cards

Full sized illustrations make these cards look absolutely fantastic and designed in various comic styles.

Try IT!

Try this game out, you will love it. There are ten decks to choose from and many more on their way.

Exclusive! Brand New Concept B-TCG! This Changes Everything!

A few cards from the Cactus Deck, a deviant goblin. Other races include; Witches, Vampiric Beasts, WalRi, Scorchins, Dwarfs, Faeries, Auratus, Gratagonians and many more...


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Conflicting Kingdoms

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