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Conflicting Kingdoms is a trading card game, which uses the cards to build the board as you play. Lay down locations to build the arena and use the different locations to play abilities. Destroy opponents with your magic and avoid attacks with your summoned minions. Collect the cards, build the ultimate deck and defeat all those who oppose you in the world of Conflicting Kingdoms...









Four lead-free metal miniatures to choose from. Each model is crafted in fantastic detail by Aiden Cambell. Each miniature is available to purchase singly or as a set of four. These figures are the same scale as warhammer and can be painted to add that artistic flair to any game. One of each miniature is also included with any of the four Starter Packs.

Set of Four


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Counters coming soon...

The Conflicting Kingdoms game requires you to keep track of your life and the amount of gold you have. This can be archived with pencil and paper of with the use of the counter cards that come with ever deck. These counter cards will require just 6 small counters and anything can be used for this purpose. The official Conflicting Kingdoms counters are still in production and will be available from our shop as soon as they have been released.



The Conflicting Kingdoms Game requires each player to have one six sided die (1D6) these will soon be available with the counter kit in the four element colours.

Conflicting Kingdoms

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Conflicting Kingdoms

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